Avamere MarCom FAQs 

Where is the Avamere MarCom team located? The Marcom office is located at the Avamere Home Office in Wilsonville, Oregon.  Note: during the COVID-19 pandemic, most team members are working remotely. 

What does the Avamere MarCom team oversee? The Marcom team handles all marketing and communications content, both printed and digital, for the Avamere Family of Companies. This includes: internal emails, Insider newsletters, social media posts, websites, online ads, Facebook ads, marketing collateral (i.e., flyers, brochures, etc.), logos, design, blog articles, press releases, media inquiries, email signatures, content creation for ads and news articles, Talk with Rick, and more. 

How do I submit a marketing or communications request? Please submit your content information via our convenient online form. We will reach out to you if we need further information and you will receive updates on your request from start to finish. Please include as many details as possible, including photos or other supporting materials. 

I submitted my marketing request and received a notification or request for a guest review from Wrike. What is Wrike? Wrike is a project management platform that the Avamere MarCom team uses. It ensures your request, no matter how big or small, is completed from start to finish in an efficient way. When you submit a request our team will ensure that all necessary marketing channels are engaged. You will receive notification that your project has started and once it is ready for review a “guest review” invitation will arrive by email. Learn about doing review/proofing in Wrike.

Can I create my Facebook posts or Google listing content? Any post or google listing you would like to facilitate can be submitted using the marketing request link. Our web or social team will reach out to you.

Can I run Google ads or Facebook ads? Yes! If your marketing budget allows, we can also set up specialized ads for you to gain new customers and reach your goals. You can submit your request using the marketing request link. We will reach out to you to begin your project.  

I need a logo or collateral designed for an event. Can you do that? Yes, the Avamere MarCom graphic design team can help with a variety of design projects. 

My website content is out-of-date. Can the Avamere MarCom team update it? Yes, we oversee all updates, changes, and maintenance of our websites. Submit your request via our marketing request form, and we will get your information updated. 

Can I share stories and photos on my residents in my community? Yes! We can share resident photos and stories on various media platforms with the proper policy release forms completed.  

I need something printed or some marketing materials. How do I order that? The Avamere MarCom team maintains our relationship with our print vendor, Mimeo. Reach out to us for help with ordering a variety of marketing materials or to find out how to use our Web2Print platform.